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Be Still My Soul LLC offers cognitive-based coaching with a faith-based approach.  These sessions are a safe space to process your thoughts and emotions. We provide compassionate, non-judgmental support so you can develop practical skills to inspire meaningful changes that promote inner peace and wellness so you can pursue a life of well-being.

Still & Soak in God's Word

Be Still & Breathe with Calming Breathwork

Thrive Over 55 - It's not too late!

Parenting Prayers & Petitions
Careers - Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Marriage - Keeping it Hot!

Hope & Healing 


calm blue water without an object.jpg
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Speaking Positive Affirmations helps your brain store advantageous information so that it becomes long-term memory.

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Gratitude heals your brain and empowers you to rebuild & refocus on positive emotions. 

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