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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Be Still My Soul LLC!

  Here are some of the most common questions about my coaching services.

We want you to feel confident that Be Still My Soul is right for you!

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How do I get started, is it really Free?

Yes, it is! If you believe this style of coaching is a good match for you then go to the Coaching tab and secure an appointment using the Free 20-minute Introduction option.  The purpose of the 20-minute session is to get to know each other, explore your goals, and determine whether or not we're a perfect match!

Bring your coffee or tea, and your authentic self, and discuss your goal and vision! 

What sets me apart from other coaching services? 

Be Still My Soul offers cognitive-based coaching with a faith-based approach that is led by the Holy Spirit. Our coaching sessions include gratitude journaling, scripture declarations, affirmations, therapeutic coloring, music, nature, and guided breathing and stretching meditations. We also ask powerful questions to help you gain awareness of your own reality, to help you think differently about your situation, and learn something different about yourself, and ultimately empower you to identify what actions you might be willing to take or identify the consequences for not taking action.  These activities are designed to provide women with practical skills to empower personal growth and development and reach personal and spiritual goals. Our focus is on helping women create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives through Christ-centered teachings and prayerful reflection.

How can Be Still My Soul help me? 

At Be Still My Soul, you can strengthen your faith in God and the Holy Scriptures, while also embracing your unique identity in a non-judgmental and secure environment. We offer resources to improve your mindset, beliefs, and coping skills, ultimately leading to greater self-awareness and a more fulfilling life filled with confidence and inner peace.

What types of services does Be Still My Soul offer? 

Be Still My Soul offers in-person and virtual coaching sessions including one-on-one, group, and small business sessions. 

What is the time commitment for Be Still My Soul coaching?

We offer short-term coaching sessions, so you can typically reach your goal in 5 weeks.  Our short-term program typically requires a commitment of 5 weeks.  However, we will continuously evaluate your progress to determine if the commitment needs adjustment.

Do I need a coach if I'm also in therapy?

At Be Still My Soul, we believe that having both a therapist and a coach can enhance your overall well-being. While a therapist can offer a safe space to discuss mental health concerns and make sense of the past, a coach can help you set and achieve goals, build self-confidence, and reach your full potential. Our cognitive coaching approach, infused with faith-based principles, provides a one-a-kind combination of spiritual and practical guidance to keep you on track and moving forward in life.

Is Be Still My Soul coaching sessions flexible?

Be Still My Soul coaching offers two plans to fit your budget: individual or a five-session bundle at a discounted rate. Each paid session lasts 60 minutes, and the five-session bundle is scheduled once a week for five weeks.

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